• Heartfelt new video from Patrick: "Maker"

    Late one January night in 2013, after five non-stop nights of recording at Cathedral Studios in Cincinnati, Patrick Taylor delivered this intimate performance of a song about doubt, entitled "Maker."  Andrew and Alex Lefler captured this one-take moment on video, and Sam Taylor captured beautifully pristine audio of the special performance.  Now this video is available on YouTube, with links to Moonrise's EP, on which the performance also appears.  The EP is being offered for donations on NoiseTrade, 100% of which will go to the Syrian Children's Relief Fund.  Thanks for listening, and may you find your path, and joy in abundance. :)

  • The Monthly Moonrise - Issue 2: December

    Wonderful news all around.

    This month has been big!  A few milestones on the Moonrise journey: we released our first music video (which you can watch below), put together our first full-band show, and released our first EP!  We’re so glad that you’re joining us on this journey, and we’ll definitely need your help along the way: if you enjoy any of our content, just share it with friends! That’s the most helpful thing in the world.  Anyway… without further ado, I’d like to make an announcement: from now on, we’ll be sharing stories (fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and perhaps even animation) from within the Moonrise Collective family through this newsletter.  So keep on the look out for whimsical tales and moving anecdotes in our monthly emails.  Here’s our first story, written by Charles Reid:

    A Very Big Man in a Very Tiny Hat

    by: Charles Reid

    Once there was a man who was very big. He lived on a hill, but not under it, you understand, and it is important that you remember that he did not. He lived, as I said before, on a hill, and he owned nothing except the food and wine for each day, and one, very tiny, bowler hat.

    He would take the hat, a-crest his shining hairless cap, into town when he went to work. All the passers-by on the street would laugh and mock and make general fun in his general direction with a more than general sense of putrid self-indulgence. But the man, he was a sweet-heart, and he did not mind. Not even when at the factory they called him names with peculiar tones, the kind it would be impolite to repeat (although I will mention that they called him Trevor more than once, and it made many people shiver when it was said in such a way).

    One day he was not amused. He glared at the passers-by and they, frightened, did not mock, nor make general fun in his general direction, for they aptly perceived his general aura of simmering stinkiness.

    At the gate to the factory, he saw, in the street, a kitten.

    It looked cold.
    It looked wet.
    And it meowed something fierce, and so kindly broke the poor big man’s heart.

    He ran into the street, between the honking cars and the careening carrier pigeons and militant messenger-boys beneath the rapidly-flickering red light, and he scooped up the little kitten in his tiny bowler hat.

    He looked at the cat, and the cat looked back, and meowed quite contentedly in the snug, warm hat.
    The big man smiled, and placed the cat and the hat back upon his shining, aged cap.

    And thus he went, whistling away, back to the factory and then, after, back home to the little cottage on top of the hill. And yes, I know I told you to remember that he lived on top, but really that was a mistake, because it doesn’t matter at all. The only thing that matters, mind, is that the cat lived forever happily on top of the big man’s head, quite snug beneath his tiny,


    little hat.

    The End. Potentially.

    Read more stories by Charles.
    Watch our new music video for “Overrun” here.
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    Have a very happy holiday season, and we’ll hit you up with more creative content at the beginning of next year!

    With love,

    Patrick Taylor
    Moonrise Collective

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  • Musings on Touring Life with Adam Sams

    a sublime adventure

    into the heart

    of the beloved


    For the past two weeks, I've been on the road with a fella named Adam Sams.  In that short time, he's taught me a lot about life, both intentionally and unintentionally.  Though we spent a large portion of our time shouting unintelligible gibberish at each other in the car, we had the opportunity to play a bunch of shows, meet an ocean of amazing people, and explore the depths of our own ideas about LIVING. This exploration took many forms.  A lot of those forms took place in the woods.  Everywhere we went on this trip we made a point to experience natural beauty.  Whether it was doing yoga in the morning by a dock in Orlando, or climbing two mountains in two days in North Georgia, we were there.  We gleaned life lessons from the sounds of water and scattering sun rays, we focused on breath and the gift that it is, and we clung to the idea of oneness: God, man, and nature.  Everywhere we went, unconditional love was there to meet us in some form.  Sometimes it was in our own imperfections that we found mercy; sometimes it was in noticing and loving the awkward ticks of another person.  Still other times it was in an inexplicable intuition.  Life seemed to lay itself bare, and all that could be seen was Love.  Probably the most significant display of Agape love we experienced was in the hospitality of friends and strangers.  We received more love than we could ever give, and we hope that those wonderful people felt our gratitude. 

    We began to notice and discuss how, when we looked into the eyes of people we met at shows and in gas stations and grocery stores and just passing on the street, we began to see God, the Beloved, in their eyes.  In the words of the poet Rumi, as translated by Shamram Shiva:

    "When your chest is free of your limiting ego,

    Then you will see the ageless Beloved.
    You can not see yourself without a mirror;

    Look at the Beloved, He is the brightest mirror."

    And we caught just a glimpse of that.  Neither of us would claim to have transcended ego completely or anything like that, it's just that, the more we looked for Agape Love, the more we saw it.  And It was everywhere.  Breaking down the separation between "I" and the "other."  God was staring at us out of the faces of people we met.  How could you not love that?

    With love, thanks, and new hope,

    Patrick Taylor
    Moonrise Collective

  • New Tour Dates!

    Patrick of Moonrise Collective and Adam Sams have announced tour dates for the upcoming Tightwire: Album Release Tour. Here they are.  Come out for a night of songwriters, storytelling, and chillinnnn.

    10/18 - Jacksonville, FL - Murray Hill Theatre
    10/19 - Roswell, GA - Ragamuffin Music Hall on Historic Roswell Square
    10/25 - Kathleen, GA - Bare Bulb Coffee
    10/26 - Orlando, FL - Downtown Credo
    10/29 - Lakeland, FL - Portico Coffeehouse (SEU)
    11/1 - Duluth, GA - Eddie Owen Presents
    11/3 - Augusta, GA - Enterprise Mill Events & Catering

  • OOPS! We leaked the first song on our EP!

    Here it is: Maribel.  A whimsical adventure on the Island of São Miguel with an enchanting lady.  Hop on the carousel and give her a wink.  You know you want to.

    Produced, engineered, and mixed by Sam Taylor
    Written by Patrick Taylor and Charles Reid
    Mastered by Richard Dodd